White Inspection Consulting Services

Welcome to White Inspection Consulting Services (WIS). We are a local Northern California agency that provides On-site consulting Inspections and Engineering services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. WIS is committed to lead the industry standards in construction Quality Assurance / Quality Control, engineering, project management and Assessment services throughout Northern California.

WIS Approach:

New Construction

WIS approaches each project collaboratively to deliver high quality and responsive service tailored to meet our client's needs. Our services within the construction control realm are often subjective with the responsibility of assurance project compliance to tasking orders, scope of work, schedules, budgets and detailed specification requirements are met. We do our job by ensuring the contractors are aware of specific issues, their self-performances are followed and project principals, engineers, and architects are apprised of situations before they reach critical impact points.

WIS is committed to safety as safety is everyone business. We consider injury and illness prevention just as important as quality production. This commitment is embodied in our in-house Health and Safety policy. All employees participate in an ongoing safety awareness program and are dedicated in making the work environment a safer place.


We are a Northern California agency offering a one-stop shop with an easy, cost-effective engineering and inspection service to meet the needs of residential real estate lending and mortgage refinancing transaction needs. We are able to deliver a quick response in order for you to complete your real estate transactions. WIS partners with local CA license engineers to offer quick reliable service.

We Provide:      

Commercial Services
  • Construction Quality Control Support Services
  • Quality Assurance Oversight Support Services
  • Field Construction Management Support Services
  • Third Party Lenders Verification for Construction Payment Application
  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
Residential Services
  • Residential Investors Quality Assurance Risk Management Services
  • FHA / HUD 433a Foundation Certificates
  • Structural Reports Addressing Appraisal Concerns
  • Third Party Lenders Verification for Construction Payment Application